Join a collaboration group

Members can start their own private communities to share early drafts of new projects and discuss programs with healthcare professionals in other institutions.


Get a head start on your document

Members can download whitepapers, policies, and even forms that are being used everyday in other healthcare institutions.


Software to download

Simple applications for solving common eHealth problems such as tracking requests for health records are made available for members by members.

Working Together

eHealth2Share is a community devoted to sharing eHealth documents, forms, applications, and eLearning content among its members. The challenges facing healthcare professionals today are shared by many institutions, so we think the solutions should be as well. Members in eHealth2Share can also create dedicated communities for healthcare professionals to collaborate on new projects.


By openly sharing best-in-class content, health care institutions will ensure access to up-to-date resources and processes. Regulatory changes and advances in health practices can quickly make processes and forms outdated. By sharing workflow applications and user forms between facilities, an eHealth2Share membership can reduce the costs of developing solutions independently.

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